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2 weeks ago
saint-images 2 weeks ago

Is there any particular reason for you not using iframes for the menu? Unless you've automated the process of updating the menu on every single page (which I did before I switched to an iframe), it sounds troublesome.

kassy 2 weeks ago

I did automate it with a script. I cannot use the iframe because then I would lose any indication of the current page (I could fix that with JS that would modify the iframe/notify it of current page so that it would then replace a link to the page I'm on with normal text but I don't want to use JS).

index.html was updated.
1 month ago
kassy 1 month ago

finally, perfect main page and menu

saint-images 1 month ago

Is the part about the link colour being your current hair colour still true? You seem to have removed this remark.

kassy 1 month ago

lol yep it is. didn't find a good place to put it, so just left it out

kassy 1 month ago

plus its only about yellow-ish/blonde hover color, not red menu color

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