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I think I am going to reupload the site in its spring-2019-state as there is really no point in serving a blank page...
Hello dear friend, I am in need of some impromptu ๐Ÿˆ pr0n. Do you coincidentally happen to have some?
yudosai 4 months ago

Lots of spaghETTi

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roachparade 9 months ago

ah, thank you for the shoutout. feels good knowing i improved ppl's experience of this website, even a little bit. good luck with whatever you choose to do offsite! it's sad to lose your site but i really get what you mean

neofur 9 months ago

being thanked in an โ€˜im leavingโ€™ post sure is one of the least predictable things thats happened to me on this site, but yeah, same here, thank you! and good luck out there, for sure o7

owlman 9 months ago

It's been a fun ride

encounters-ltd 9 months ago

oh, well good luck out there, wherever you end up!

hosma 9 months ago

Shame, this was one of my favorite sites on Neocities. Farewell, strats, and all the best... I'll miss you :'(

jackomix 9 months ago

i will not say bye for you did not shout me out. jk it's actually sad to see you go, you were one of the cool sites i saw were active. it was also always nice when you appeared on discord a few blue moons. i'll miss ya. :)

vas 9 months ago

Bye strata, neocities won't be the same without you and I always loved reading your posts. I still listen to your album. Hope great things lie ahead of you.

jeremyredhead 9 months ago

oi vey!, i can't keep up with neocities... some highlights for me include StrataNet, the flash/miniclip one, and ofc my favorite, Peter. i still (vaguely) recall your journals & cherish the intimacy/realness you shared through them (someday i hope to be brave/stupid enough to be vulnerable here too). and ofc your asethetics have always been on fleek. maybe we'll meet again online, unbeknowst to each other. oh strata,

utsurundesu 9 months ago

i've tried to start back up on neocities but haven't successfully, for pretty similar reasons. it's difficult to find the drive to when there's so much else going on.

arkmsworld 9 months ago

I'm sorry to see you go, my friend. I've always liked you and your site immensely. Yours was one of the first I followed when I arrived here. I totally understand where you're at, though, and I guess pulling the plug is the best thing. I wish you all the best, and if you're ever back this way again, stop by the big house at the end of the Wild Coast and say howdy! :)


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