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what a cute little website aaaaa I love it tysm for the follow
My site won't look much different on the surface, but I've done a bunch of work to convert everything to work with Eleventy! TY for being the only SSG that doesn't make my brain hurt. o7 This should speed up my future workflow by a lot, since I can write everything in Markdown now
wow your site is so pretty and soothing to look at! your font choice and soft shadows behind the sections are subtle but effective, the purple is lovely too ^^
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whiona 2 days ago

Thank you so much!! :') I have sincerely enjoyed poking around your site and can't wait to explore more of it. Your links page has some excellent resources, so thank you for that! (Also, hooray for space-themed sites :D)

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Thank you for following! I love the colour scheme you have going on and the retro inspired design!
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cherrywaves 4 days ago

thank you! love your site's colors as well! very pleasing to look at.

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Thanks for the follow back! I loved looking around at your site! It's so soft and delicate :)
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sanguineroyal 4 days ago

I had a lovely site visiting your site too<3

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