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the time-capsule-ification is pretty much done! You can find me now under the username "cobyzaby," where I'm putting together a site that's much more simple and "from scratch" than this one
Hello everyone! I hope you're doing well. I started on a new website because this one was getting too unwieldy and I wanted to try making a site without relying on a preexisting CSS framework. I'll be updating this periodically to clean some stuff up, but it will mostly be left as-is, as a bit of a time capsule. I'm quite proud of it! Once I'm ready, I'll share the link to my new site.
Thank you for the guestbook message!! I love your site a lot!
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cute site and cute art!!! Hope you're having a lovely day!
nice site! i adopted your frog! :]
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toadtoadtoad 2 years ago

aw thank you!!

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Man I miss neocities so much ;-; The semester is so close to being over, but it's a real tough push to the end. Hopefully I'll feel inspired to finish all the major updates I had planned once I'm off for the winter!

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