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hmm. someone who recently followed me copied all of the coding on the home page of my site and pasted it right onto theirs. not sure what to do about that at this point in time LOL but it's extremely wack to see even my statuscafe updates on another person's page.
seafare 4 months ago

it's just so wild to me that someone would even do that considering how fun it is to make your own site. there are ample awesome templates around (i worked with one myself!), why rip off someone else's effort and passion like that?

wrenni 4 months ago

this just happened to one of my other mutuals too :[ very weird and im sorry that happened!!

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seafare 4 months ago

@wrenni oh god, i'm so sorry to hear that it happened to them as well! :\ hope that they're doing okay, it TRULY sucks to see

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daintyeco 4 months ago

yes i've seen this a lot! i remember one time i wanted to go to but entered it wrong, it searched instead, and in the search results it showed all these neocities websites that just copy pasted cinnis code without the assets? so it was just broken copies. weird.

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a0i 4 months ago

trying to see who LOL

seafare 4 months ago

@daintyeco !!!!?!? omg that’s actually horrible… why even bother with making a personal site?? it’s the first time it happened to me and luckily the person has taken down my coding now… but hearing about all these cases of code theft is pretty heartbreaking

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