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zumi 5 months ago

That's more like it, my latest blog post front and center. I updated my footer so that's why there's all this spam lol

Yeah I can't exactly control how my "updated" feed shows up lmao. Anyway, I rewrote my static site generation system and redesigned my blog index, see latest blog post yadda yadda.
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sckewi 7 months ago

LibreOffice is great, I use it whenever I need to make a document or spreadsheet. :) They work perfectly well for my needs, and saves paying for MS Office haha!

zumi 6 months ago

@sckewi the best thing about it is that its autocorrect is slightly less aggressive, you can type SEPT1 and expect it to stay that way :) (only autocorrects if it's "SEPT 1")

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