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I fixed it so click the link you $#$%^$##$%^
anthonynaber 2 days ago

Stop doing this and get caught up in your classes.

suyu 2 days ago


heythatsprettygood 2 days ago

It was funnier the first time

suyu 2 days ago

i dont see anything related to me

owlman 2 days ago

Nice may mayz

Also congrats on 100 followers
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you pranked me m8
Sorry S U Y U, but you have become irrelevant to us.
suyu 3 days ago

it was just a prank mate..

Yo YO YO my BBNOOIIIII D4T 5Hr1N3 IS UP ☝ RN KIddo B3 Sure T0 SLAP ✋ TH4T LIke BUtT0N AND I'LL $33 U in The N#XT ON3 ✌
heythatsprettygood 3 days ago

Actually I made it in one 12hrs with my man Anthony Neighbor and I'm very proud of it, also that comment is very vulgar and not child friendly and I would greatly appreciate it if you rewrote it in a more mild and passive aggressive way.

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oi, you will get your shrine soon.
dark3n1ng 5 days ago

1000 Shrines each filled with 1000 paper cranes

heythatsprettygood 5 days ago

;) You spoiled the surprise

suyu 4 days ago

nice joke mate

You should hide some messages in image hex! p.s. I am ethsanime
suyu 4 days ago

I'll do lotta stuff once I find the time

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