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I really apologize for how much this website has fallen off. I've been focusing on personal stuff and it's left me not a lot of time to work on this. I have a website hosted by my friend at It's optimized for older browsers, so you can check it out if you want. I'll come back to this site eventually, promise. A proper thank you message for 200k views will come then.
hoylecake 2 months ago

Do the screenshots not render for anyone else??

Yeah, uh, this website has practically been left for dead, but I'm gonna try to bring it back, okay? I've been working on the new homepage on and off for a while. Should be live this month.
hoylecake 2 months ago

I don't entirely trust myself to keep my promise, because this entire site is the poster child of what it's like to have a short attention span. I've been wrestling with this for a while now, and it seems to be inescapable, but I'm trying.

hoylecake 2 months ago

A lot of my concern with this website is not if my head will dictate if I stick with it, but what I'll even add to it. I just feel like I can't do much with a website other than add a bio considering things that need to be regularly updated are a lost cause considering how I keep focus on things.

hoylecake 2 months ago

I just noticed the website hit 200,000 views. Thank y'all so much. I'm sorry for such a messy and bodged website. The root folder is a mess and I'm still trying to clean everything up. I promise I'll try to make it less of a clusterfuck.

hoylecake 2 months ago

Sorry for the excessive amount of the word "considering" by the way.

hoylecake 2 months ago

I'll eventually try to get to writing a proper thank-you once the website is in the clear. I'm being very slow but progress is steady at the very least. Why do I act like this is such a big deal?

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