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hoylecake 1 week ago

why's it still using the old screenshot...

Just finished oneshot and the solstice ending. Best game of all time in my opinion, im surprised i didnt start crying near the end
new comic issue uploaded on /extreme/
WE! ARE! BACKKK!!! New domain, and I'll be rebranding the site in the next following days. Thanks to everyone for sticking with me through all of this... I'm insured for the next 2 years.
Good news! Domain and hosting has been purchased. The website will be back up and running tomorrow!!!!!
Originally, my site's DNS was managed on Cloudflare. I've gone through the process of asking them to remove the redirect. I really hope it's back up for Christmas because I've been planning a bit of a surprise! We'll just have to wait and see though.
1 like is dead. The domain has been bought by those domain leechers begging you to buy it. I am angry, but I'll use a different domain regardless...
hoylecake 1 month ago

Should have the domain up this month..

It's been a while...

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