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neonaut 6 days ago

I was going to ask you a few questions about JAUP, then I realized, I've been meaning to interview people on Neocities via email, this might be a good time to start. Are you up for it?

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soupault 5 days ago

Is it a clone of the original JAUP, or you ran the original and revived it now?

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billsworld 5 days ago

It's a clone. For a brief 3 year or so period of time from 1996 until around 1998 Randy Larkin was the webmaster of the original JAUP. It was a very fun period of time. GeoCities and other free host sites were in thier heyday. You could get your site listed on a couple of search engines, sites like this and other award sites just by asking and soon you would get thousands of hits!

billsworld 5 days ago

I never knew Randy personally, but my original site was listed in JAUP back in the day. I found it on the Internet Archive back when I was making my NeoCities site and I decided to revive it and try to recreate the fun of the early days of the World Wide Web.

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Regarding the "Hugo and Neocities" post, recursive upload is possible with the neocities CLI tool, no custom script needed. I just do "neocities push build/". It's pure Ruby AFAIR so should be easy to install via gem on any OS.
neonaut 1 week ago

I had issues with the ruby gem the last few times I tried to install it (SSL certificate issue, I think?). Whatever it was, I did cursory research, realized it would take some time to sort out, and just went back to my MacGuyver setup.

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