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Nice blog posts, especially on RSS feeds. Check out my Retro GUI Guide if youre interested in a more sane, FOSS operating system desktop environment.
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dynomax 11 months ago

Hey thanks for the message, I will go back to write more stuff soon. I saw your guide and it is really cool seeing it being updated, I'm still on Win10 LTSC for the time being but I am really digging CinnXP on LMDE as a retro desktop.

Excellent clean website design!
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Wow your site has really improved, nice work!
hekate 1 year ago

Thank u :-D I try

Did you ever find out a new way to get a hit counter on Neocities? I kind of miss that part of my site!
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dann 1 year ago

Yes. It's the same method really but I needed a new server to act as the middleman. Bill from BillsWorld graciously provided his assistance, so if you follow the tutorial again, it will provide you the correct link.

baloo 11 months ago

Nearly a year later I finally figured this out! It seems that the API link in plaintext changed from to

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