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Thank you to everyone who tuned into the Peelopaalu link hunting stream tonight! Three hours and a pile of garbage and broken links later, we managed to find 22 new websites which will be added to the directory in the next update!
Streaming now if anyone wants to drop in! Going to quickly grab a drink and I'll be back!
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Gonna do a quick booze run before starting the stream! I might be 15 mins or so late. Should start sometime between 19:30 and 20:00. See you soon!
peelopaalu 1 day ago

Link hunting stream will be happening tonight at about 19:00 - 19:30ish (give or take!) - Expect me to be chatting on mic, listening to a bit of music, and looking for odd stuff on Tripod, Angelfire, Neocities, and more! Hope to see you there.

sadgrl 1 day ago

How can I find your stream?

peelopaalu 1 day ago

@sadgrl - I usually stream on Twitch @ whenever I do rarely decide to do so :-) I always post an announcement on Peelopaalu's "News" page whenever I plan to do a stream, so always be sure to check there for details!

Thinking of doing a link hunting stream later on tonight. Anyone interested in maybe watching?

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