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Site buttons have been added for anyone who wants to link to Peelopaalu! This has been a long-time request, so hopefully someone gets some use out of these. Check the support the site page for details.
Really awesome to see that this is still being updated. Iktf in relation to your post the other day about how wonky time seems to have been through the pandemic. Everything's kinda just turned into a blur lately. I added you to my directory ages ago and I've been meaning to drop by since then to say hi and let you know I really enjoy your site. Keep it up :-) ~ Snoop
Please remember to clear your cache in order for Peelopaalu to display correctly - Otherwise the site is gonna look SUPER janky. Just figured I'd put that out there as I've already had an email about this :-)
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Some links will temporarily disappear from the directory for a little while! This will be fixed soon. Here goes nothing!
UPDATE: Things going smoothly (for now) I'll try and get the rest rolled out in a bit. For people following me here on Neocities, here's a sneak peak of what's to come!: (test page)
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peelopaalu 1 week ago

Note: Clear your cache if things look a bit wonky. That should get things straightened out!

hotlinecafe 1 week ago

Keep up the amazing work!

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An update will be pushed out on Peelopaalu shortly that will add pagination to the site - No new links will be added in this update, but if any hiccups happen I may have to roll-back the site. Don't panic! I keep backups!
Preparing Peelopaalu for a slight update in preperation for more directory additions in future. This update will add pagination to the directory and I plan to write a news post about it sometime in December.

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