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New secret page added to the site that will reveal some of what is to come in the future for Peelopaalu. Can you find it? :-)
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surenaga 8 hours ago

Found it, through not as cooler means as I wished to use.

Currently awaiting going to give notice of marriage (we luckily got booked in for next week!) so hopefully updates on Peelopaalu can return to normal in the next 2 months or so.
arkmsworld 4 days ago

Fantastic! :D

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surenaga 3 days ago

Congrats on the marriage

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Going to put out a very small update later. Stay tuned. Things with my partners visa + getting married are currently on-hold because of COVID putting a stop to marriages where we are, so we're kind of sat in limbo currently. Thanks to the people who reached out with well-wishes.
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Just a heads up for anyone who follows me on Neocities! If you use Twitter for whatever reason, you can find me over there @Snooper - I rarely Tweet, but when I do it's usually Peelopaalu related. Figured that's worth putting out there in case anyone wants to reach out about anything and can't reach me here for some reason.
Question! Would you guys be interested in me writing news posts about specific sites on the directory? Idea would be to delve into the history and information surrounding various sites and provide a deep-dive of sorts into them. Let me know what you think.
peelopaalu 1 month ago

Also worth adding: Main reason I haven't just gone ahead with this is because I'm debating whether or not the "news" page would be a good fit for this sort of thing. Maybe I should create a new page entirely and keep "News" reserved for site updates and Peelopaalu-related topics exclusively? I dunno.

marijnflorence 1 month ago

I’d love to see something like that! I always enjoy reading about weird internet history stuff.

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arkmsworld 1 month ago

Yes. If you are interested in writing it, I would be interested in reading it.

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surenaga 1 month ago

That would be interesting but considering the amount of sites, wouldn't the workload be overwhelming? I remember you mentioning irl issues are currently requiring your full attention.

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peelopaalu 1 month ago

@surenaga - I don't plan on writing an article about every site, just a few in particular that I think could be interesting to delve into :-). As you mentioned the IRL issues my partner and I are facing at the moment, I wanna clarify - This is something I’m interested in doing in the future when things have calmed down a little bit. Just figured it couldn’t hurt to sound things out in advance!

peelopaalu 1 month ago

P.S: Thanks for the feedback to those who have responded to this. I think this could be a fun idea for something new to try in the future when my life is slightly less mental!


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