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Would you guys be at all interested in me doing a stream again sometime? I was thinking it could be fun to talk about a couple of very specific sites that are listed on the directory and take you on a sort of tour of some old virtual worlds and stuff. I'd really appreciate some feedback on this, so please comment if this is at all something you'd be interested in!
peelopaalu 3 months ago

As a sidenote, I'd also be open to having you guys join in and follow me around said virtual worlds. We could make a sort of meet-up out of it if you guys fancy it. Lemme know your thoughts!

inaka 3 months ago

Assuming I am free at the time, I would love to come hang out :)

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peelopaalu 4 months ago

New site has been added to the index. "Boo World" has replaced "Dank Maymays", as it was reported down/parked as of yesterday. Reminder that if you happen to have any link suggestions, you can always email me via peelopaalu|at|!

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