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finally got to adding a bunch of sites i've been collecting to my links page!
man, gotta add all the new sites i've discovered to my links page lol
dustbunnybedroom 3 days ago

i'm debating whether i should add cute short lil descriptions to all the sites i link in my links page but i also like the aesthetic of a huge assorted wall of buttons

FINALLY have a button for the site >:3c you can find it on my links page!
dogblog 3 days ago

Awesomeness. Linking it later when I’m at my puter

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do you have a button !! i'd love to add urs to my site but couldn't find one looking through... i'm a bit blind sometimes so i figured checking to make sure was worth it :]
dustbunnybedroom 4 days ago

oh, i don't yet but i've been meaning to make one! thank you though, i appreciate it! i'll post on the feed and on my site when i do eventually get to it

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finally have a shrines page! the first one is on RPG Maker games! right now it only talks about Yume Nikki, but i'll be adding more to it bits at a time
new updated layout up now! might want to refresh your cache for it lol

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