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happy puyo day!!
i wish i had other game dev friends to bounce ideas off of. the rare opportunities i get to do dev streams with friends are when i make the most progress ;;
hm perchance i will make a media thread for 2024 but on daikonet. a media page if u will
daikonet 1 month ago

a mini daikochannel if u will

websites are never done but i'd like to fill every navlink with something in 2024. that's what i'm gonna call "finished"
daikonet 1 month ago

i could also redesign my site mascot and spend the entire year very slowly redrawing every site graphic she's in, the little devil on my shoulder is talking a lotta sense rn

graduated 🏄‍♀️
tofokyo 2 months ago

holy crap, congrats daiko!!

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xandra 2 months ago

congratulations!! ^^

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fearoffun 2 months ago


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ribose 2 months ago

hell yeah congrats 🏂

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mysticscave 2 months ago

congratulations! and good luck with the next step

cinnamuff 2 months ago


meaka 2 months ago


ty for 100,000 views
i hate java so bad
intrusive thoughts demanding that i build a ttrpg system for the fellas. i've been let down by burning wheel
daikonet 2 months ago

i will do anything and everything to avoid working on my website, apparently

now that im making strides working on net sorcerer yoruko, there is a dire need to actually make a dev diary page before i make too much progress to document. except that would take away from my development time aaargh
tofokyo 3 months ago

please do i’d love to follow along with your progress!

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mr-pibbs-site 3 months ago

i think it'd be a good resource for yourself to log your goals and work as you can look back on them if needed, of course this can be done without a dev diary

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daikonet 3 months ago

@mr-pibbs-site yeah itd be a nice resource for me, but i think id like for it to also be a nice resource for everyone! or at least it could be kind of neat if the game gets finished to see my thought process behind the stuff i added! back in the day i used to post updates for rpg maker projects every saturday and i guess i miss being able to put screenshots out there so often

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i'm struggling so bad to get through chobits, im shocked chi became so popular online back in the day because the show itself is doodoo
vashti 3 months ago

Where are you watching it? I've had vague interest in in because of the art style, but it seems really fan service-y so I've never checked it out

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