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Just a heads up, I'll be moving to GAMERA soon so follow me there if you want!
your website is very pretty :)
faiyubu 1 year ago

thank you (: please do write about harvester!

mental-labour 1 year ago

thank you for the follow! ill start taking notes as soon as i can :)

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1 year ago
rbuchanan 1 year ago

One of my friends had a copy of 9. He despised it, but played it compulsively. One night, he got high out of his mind and spent approx. 3 hours misplaying puzzles and harassing the UI to trigger vocal samples, which we recorded and cut together to make stupid DeNiro and Cher sound like two mental defectives failing to converse in a mental ward -- which, of course, they actually are. Also, it only crashed 60 times.

rbuchanan 1 year ago

I haven't beaten Metroid in ages, but my cousins and I competed to prevail when I visited them back in August of '88. Even then, I was dimly cognizant of its measured balance of latitude and pressure; the opportunity to explore its totality felt so liberating. One of my cousins flushed my second password down the toilet, for which I whipped a baseball at his dumb neck, whereupon my aunt screamed at me. Great game!


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