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i'm reading this and i love the idea of an overworld map of neighbouring websites. only tangentially related, you may be interested in this procedurally generated "map" of bitsy games i made
neonaut 10 months ago

Not only is this oddly hypnotic and satisfying, but it provides some much-needed ideas for representation in bitsy. And it also links the source games. This is brilliant.

I found some of your articles interesting, particularly the origin of the 88x31 button. I first came across it on fan sites where people made them for others to download and link back to their sites. Always found it a frustrating size to make though because there's not a lot of room on it. I've found other sizes are used as well - 100 x 50 (my prefered one), 50 x 50, 50 x 75, 100 x 35, and 200 x 40.
bright-eyes 10 months ago

I've also come across 120 X 60 (very rare) and for top sites directories there's also a 480 x 100 one. I hate the really small ones though because it's hard to make them look great and still fit text on them.

exosilver 10 months ago

i was frustrated by the size as well, it's not the most convenient thing. i think i was interested in doing a 90x30 revival before i started archiving buttons. 100x50, you say? that seems like something fun to experiment with for higher-res buttons... i'll look into it

exosilver 10 months ago

(also wow i did not expect to be linked at the bottom of that 88x31 article!! thanks neonaut!!)

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bright-eyes 10 months ago

The sizes I've mentioned were probably invented by the fanlistings community, but they have certainly been used on fan sites quite a lot, and the personal sites of those who make fanlistings. I remember making some really mis matched ones (size wise) when I first started making fan sites because I didn't realise people could crop images. Pixel fonts are used a lot on them too.

soupault 10 months ago

I believe for modern screens, we really need a new standard to replace 88x31, but I'm not sure how it can be agreed upon by a wide community.

neonaut 10 months ago

I agree the 88x31 is too small and a bit annoying to design. I briefly wondered if the Hosted by Neocities button could provide inspiration, but it's an odd size (200x59). I think something like a 100x50 banner exchange has a chance of trending here on Neocities though.

bright-eyes 10 months ago

2OO x 59 is a bit too big in my opinion. Just tested it out and I can't see a page of those side by side. I think 100 x 50 has the advantage because it's commonly used among fanlistings and if folks who do that make a site here then they'll probably use it. (The drawback is lack of php and database sites - most FLs these days use that to manage them, but a fan site which doesn't need it could work.)

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