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Wow, super late to the party but this Otaku World page is World History worthy. Thanks 4 ur service brave soldier
Just a quick update to the Space Jam page to update the links to the archive of the archive of the old website, now that the sequel is now somehow actually happening.
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clubnintendoarchives 2 years ago

Thank goodness the original site still remains even as the sequel approaches.

Well, it finally happened. RIP in peace, flash on Neopets.
re: Archiving from the Wayback Machine, I've had decent luck with this ruby program: The plan is to archive at least the individual pages linked to on my site and just use those instead of relying on an external page. I'll see about doing that in the near-esque future.
excalipoor 3 years ago

Regarding actually NEW pages instead of polishing up old ones, I've hit a bit of a slump regarding old websites I'm interested in. I do have an idea for a fansite-ish thing, so watch this space for more updates. It'll still be me rambling about old things from the turn of the millennium, so it's at least in the same wheelhouse as talking about old websites.

In light of certain people having it out for the Internet Archive, I think I'm going to look into archiving at least parts of the sites I have exhibits about. I don't know if anything will come of the litigation against the digital library, and I don't know if it will have any effect on the Wayback Machine, but better safe than sorry.
20,000 views? Who are you people?!
I love this site! <(^_^)^
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excalipoor 3 years ago

Thanks, Kirby!

Sorry, nothing.

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