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phrogee 38 minutes ago

i hate the neocities update notification post thing, i hate it so much, god, i always make a list of all the files i have to update so i don't have stuff like idk iframe1_2.html up big and centre of the post but i always forget one or two and then i contemplate deleting the entire thing, argh, biting it biting it by the ankles.

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juneery 26 minutes ago

idek if you added it just now but the music really brings the whole about page together!!

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phrogee 5 minutes ago

thanks! yeah it's new, checked out your outward page btw, continue to absolutely adore everything you make <3

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phrogee 1 minute ago

(ah, is this my sign to get into homestuck)

i Properly went through your website and im crying it is so good. i love esp the undertale styled about page and your current and old 404 pages. and the energy in how you write
phrogee 1 week ago

aww, you're too sweet! (人 •͈ᴗ•͈) thank you so much for taking the time to go through my silly little site. i really like your line art, how you capture gestures so well with a few simple strokes. kinda matches your site, with how simple yet well put together & cozy it is :]]

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nymphali 1 week ago

oh thank you thats super sweet ;__; <33

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