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how do you feel about the new "pre-order" (still got the merch, it wasn't pre-ordered though!) merch that comes with switch games nowadays? we just picked up pikmin 4 today and it came with a cool journal and different bookmarks! i think it's pretty cool stuff!
clubnintendoarchives 2 months ago

I can certainly say Nintendo have upped their game (no pun intended!) in regards to pre-order bonuses, lately, with some pretty neat merch being offered. My biggest concern is how uneven these offers can be between different stores (or the opposite: it becomes a tough choice between two pieces you want) and countries. Bookmarks sound cool, though; that's not something you see much of, these days.

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clubnintendoarchives 4 months ago

So, what does everybody think of the potential new sections? Would anybody be up for Nintendo-themed puzzles and quizzes on CNA?

atwas 4 months ago

A site devoted to video game magazines incorporating a page full of puzzles and quizzes? Makes sense to me.

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