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Well, I finally did it, there's a 'projects' section in the site now. I didn't add it before because it would've been empty, but since there's something I am working on, I thought it might be a good idea to finally add it. A lot of files were updated because the navbar is static, meaning that all html files had to be corrected to display 'projects' instead of 'changelog' (yes, ALL, including the blog entries)
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New post after a while (´ω`*)
rainisnot 1 year ago

Interesting read. Reminds me of how a lot of people think learning music theory will stifle their creativity, when really it gives you a better understanding of the 'rules' that you are breaking and experimenting with.

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freckleskies 1 year ago

one of my favorite ways to be creative usually is to impose limitations on myself and what im making. i.e. draw something with just four colors, make a game around some weird unspecific theme, cook a meal with just leeks as the main ingredient. . in a way create a smaller box around yourself and focus just on that. its easier to step out that, and it gets you used to stepping out of boxes in general

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freckleskies 1 year ago

also, a bit more related to your post, these two lyrics from nas: "No idea's original, there's nothing new under the sun // It's never what you do, but how it's done"

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I should add more images
I wanted to write a post but got so caught up in tweaking the site that now I'm too lazy to do it

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