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0 tips <---- check out this the big o amv my friend made it's so awesome + the big o is a really awesome anime too + i'm still alive i've mostly just been living life on my sorta isolated tumblr blog....
i want to make a ketsui shrine page but idk how to extract assets from an arcade game :-(
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being honest uhhh no idea how to implement digital2 into the site itself, i've made it for "a new lam art era" of more focused pieces but hmm, honestly it was a bit of a shortlived phrase since i found out about clip studio paint, and now will probably full drop aseprite
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after a bit, i updated my link to the rpgmaker webring! and thank you for the compliments 🥹🥹🥹 it really does mean a lot
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Hello! The RPG Maker widget link has been updated! Please navigate to by 11/31/23 please. No worries if you miss the deadline! I can add you back in the place you were in just fine.
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ophanimkei 6 months ago

Also your site is looking great as usual. I am always in aw

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bunch of old art i never posted added now :3
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