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cant wait to go to bed and it's the middle of the afternoon
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gonna be heading off to school soon
I'm becoming addicted to neocities. though I literally love it here. it's my favorite website besides youtube and a few others.
also I know I'm posting a bunch of messages as of recently I just really enjoy that. lol anyways so I have a Qoohme, it's like a QNA (question and answer) website so if u wanna send me stuff then do it
ok if i really ran out of space i wouldnt know what to do bc this is one of my biggest coping mechanisms that i actually enjoy
me losing my shit hoping i dont run out of space on this website
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shrineoftears 1 day ago

oh shit is there a space limit D:

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emptygod 1 day ago

there is :( you get 1 GB but if you're a "supporter", for 5 bucks a month you get extra perks and around 5 GB of space I think

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