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small disclaimer because ive recently gained a bunch of follows from ppl under 18: my site is not a safe space for minors. a lot of things featured on my site are R18 in nature, coming from eroge, h series, etc. this isnt a social media site so feel free to browse my site or follow but please do so at your own risk. not sure why but lately ive seen a lot of sites from minors with images, banners, buttons, etc
hawaii1999 2 months ago

of R18 series and i just wanna say you should probably know where that stuff originates from before putting it on your site bc its not safe for minors. didnt mean for this to get this long, but since theres no block button on here i just wanted to put it out there that ur browsing my site at ur own risk ('_')b

thank u for 100k views oh my goodness!! having a website is a little embarrassing bc im shy but it's also very fun .. ty to anyone who's ever visited !! >//<
honestly i wish they would've chosen something other than a blue checkmark for supporters, makes it feel too much like social media lol ;w;

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