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pluto22 2 days ago

my cat is in the ER. i’ve been crying for hours. i just wanna share this page i made for him cause i’m so fucking sad and worried and i want people to see how cute he is

thekillercinnamonroll 2 days ago

Your cat is lovely! I hope he gets better <3

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catraa 2 days ago

your cat is adorable, sending good energies!!

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bootleg64 1 day ago

good luck ruto and well wishes!! <3

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back on pluto22 <3 im gonna try to work on a page for my cd collection
anyone have recs for relaxing albums? anything from classical to folk rock. i've been listening (aka crying) to joni mitchell a lot lately and i'd like to discover more music to... well... cry to.
bonecharms 2 months ago

i've been enjoying the album The Glow, Pt 2 by The Microphones. ive had their song The Moon on repeat.

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pluto22 2 months ago

funny you say that, i actually just listened to the glow pt 2 for the first time today and i’m also loving it!

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vashti 2 months ago

Okurimono by Hyakkei, Entomongaku by Cypho, Moenie & Kitchi by Gregory & the Hawk, the old Minecraft soundtrack, L'Univers de la Mer by Dominique Guiot, Music Has the Right to Children by Boards of Canada are all relaxing albums to me, most of which I can sleep to.

pluto22 2 months ago

amazing thank you! i like some boards of canada songs but i haven’t heard that album. i’ll check these out on my walks to work.

i made a shrine for my cat!! <3

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