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strawberryreverie 2 days ago

i'm sorry that you're having such a difficult time lisa, your needs are important too. i hope your shoulder feels better, i will sing a little prayer. and your new booties are soooo cute!! i hope you paint and draw lots too, i love seeing your art. take care ♥

crepuscular 22 hours ago

I don't want to meddle in your life, but I still ask, what if you prepare your food and clothes at times that don't bother anyone and leave them ready for when you get home from work? It's just an idea, maybe it could be useful for you. Every day is a struggle , but you are a natural born warrior. Cheer up and keep going.

crepuscular 6 days ago

You have my complete support for baking a chocolate strawberry cake :D . All the best !

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lost all writing for my new story because my computer restarted itself during the night... goodbye progress...ೃ࿔*:・
tehuan 1 week ago

NOOO ugh....

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callus 1 week ago

me too, I will feel so lonely but it's never fulfilling when I'm around people. also I love the shoes

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maggotgirl2002 1 week ago

୨୧callus it's a strange dilemma, and one hopefully continued exposure can help heal. thank you for your compliments on the shoes, i think they are lovely also.

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crepuscular 1 week ago

It seems to me that your writing has improved a lot, it's like your words now flow more naturally than in other dream stories and always with your personal stamp of evoking images with exquisite accuracy. Keep it up!

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maggotgirl2002 1 week ago

୨୧crepuscular thank you for your compliments on my writing, i am happy that you have deemed it a noticeable improvement. i believe drinking reishi tea has substantial benefits for my brain's ability to think, execute, and dream. thank you for your kind words, my prayers and care go out to you. ⋆౨ৎ

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anyone have recommendations for new guestbook? ʚིᵋº̣̥͙̣̥͙ᵌɞྀ
komichi 3 weeks ago

atabook or smartgb both have pros and cons, but i would suggest atabook more likely!

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tehuan 3 weeks ago

make yr own !! is a pretty good one... they say it no longer works, but it's been working fine for me for a bit now? so i'm not sure ! but it's worth a shot & incredibly simple to put together :]

cloverbell 3 weeks ago

I use html comment box (you can see it if you scroll down on my home page!) I love it because it’s super customizable and there’s lots of handy features like easy replies, the ability to approve each comment before they’re posted, sharing images etc and all these features can be customized/turned on and off as well!

writing writing writing.. ⋆˚࿔ 𝜗𝜚˚⋆ my new short story
vashti 1 month ago

Excited to read it! (Excited to read anything from you ♡)

crepuscular 1 month ago

" I was waiting for something extraordinary to happen but as the years wasted on ever did unless I caused it " Bukowski :)


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