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Love the vibe and look of your site
Also, thanks for 250k! I haven't updated for awhile but I'm still poking around Neocities.
Happy valentine's day! Glad I'm legally allowed to be a >tfw no gf guy today.
Welcome to the Fear Garden Official Verified Website, everypony... definitely regularly updated and 100% fully fact-checked
feargarden 10 months ago

I've mostly been away from Twitter drama and whatnot so lol. Thanks Neocities dot org for the supporter checkmark ig

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WOAH... so many people in the webring now :O Also I know I'm late but, congrats on over a million views!!
koinuko 1 year ago

aw ty!! also yeah omg it's so crazy... i remember when i would get one email like every week or two and now there's 150 ppl its so crazy

Interesting site! Your "Antisocial internet" page really resonated with me. I look forward to seeing more updates :]
slimysomething 1 year ago

Re the about page: My tendency has been to loose motivation and abandon posting on various sites. I had doubt about Neocities early on but right now it's freeing being able to post things and let them sit permanently on the site instead of going through an algorithm rat race. Learning html/css has been fun, more intuitive than the last time I tried coding.

First major update in awhile!! Did a complete layout revamp... site is now themed around the OG Project Diva for PSP. Still a little wonky but I'm satisfied enough to post it!!
feargarden 1 year ago

I still need to get around to adding site buttons -- I just need to go through my following again bc a lot of people I had on there before have left/deleted/remade >>

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1 year ago
feargarden 1 year ago

First major redesign in a long while πŸ₯³

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1 year ago
feargarden 1 year ago

Nothing special... just fixing the webring >.>

Thank you all for 200k!! :3

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