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Some interesting work, thank you for sharing. Vega is a sucker for detailed linework. UBWU
Thank you to everyone who is following me, you're very nice
I'm going to add more rainbows, add credits for said rainbows, start on a proper music n' noise page and possibly add artwork
The birthday of this site is approaching, hopefully I will be able to get major pages done by then. There will be a particular idea that will be held onto for a while due to the sheer coding and organization needed to pull it off. As it is meant to be a mirror of a Wikipedia pretending to be about an existing media, which will need a lot of substance in the first place.
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101-flaws-in-his-requiem 1 month ago

I just need to add more to the rainbow collection first

This site is wonderful, thank you for making it and sharing your experinces.
This is the most comforting hell I've ever been in. I still have yet to go through some of the writings (like the journals and blogposts) but I really dig the artstyle, both artworks and overall web-design.
fallenhuman 1 month ago

glad you enjoy it. perhaps it's not so much of a hell after all.

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I'm in love with your "The magnitude of w0rms" art piece. Your work is incredible, thank you for making this site.
I want Wayne to sign my bloke burger so I can seal it in epoxy resin as a living room trophy. Not on sale
Hey, I noticed you haven't really been updating lately (or at least I'm not getting them on my feed). Wanted to wish you good luck with college, I'll always be around to see whatever new art you make.
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Best site ever

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