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my beautiful website so full of mold and dust . witness its glory because I might axe like half the site soon
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friday-girl 2 weeks ago

as is tradition

what the .... oh there's notifs now huh
girls when they never added comments to any of their code (I am girls) (HELP)
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insane to think that ive not only had this site since like 2021 but since people have archived my site before i can kind of see it evolve in real time thru the internet archive. how awesome is that
honestly tbh i havent coded on my site for ... a hot minute. i probably need to refresh myself on coding and then i'll probably just redo a bunch of stuff on my site LOL
flutteristhebest 3 months ago

if anyone has any suggestions i'd love some because iii only have like. two

[blinks out of sync] i dont remember what i was doing with my site actually
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flutteristhebest 3 months ago

or well you know. i know why i have it i just Don't remember what i was doing last

anyone else on this site called neocities play pixel cats end
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xbleaxhx 3 months ago

i havent heard of it but it looks so good?????

flutteristhebest 3 months ago

I Love My Cats!

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