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yippee! yahoo! wahoo!
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ah the nice feeling of finding out an arpg i was in ceased to exist for no reason and then i find out everyone went back to a different arpg that i had JUST LEFT AND IF I GO BACK ID HAVE TO START FROM SCRATCH AAAAUGH
44nifty 2 weeks ago

i hate to be that guy but what is an arpg? /genq

flutteristhebest 2 weeks ago

arpgs are art role playing games, though now that im typing this i dont totally get the games part, but the point is theyre communities where you usually get something out of repeatedly drawing, from experience

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flutteristhebest 2 weeks ago

in my case it was a pokemon arpg where the premise was that you would get pokemon by drawing you or others pokemon, and sometimes theyd have unique traits that made them look cooler. also there were items

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44nifty 2 weeks ago

ooo! that sounds like it would be fun if i were any good at art! unfortunately i don't care enough to practice so i just let other people do art

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i genuinely have no idea what to add to the site now erm
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