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new muse! inspired by There Will be Rest by Sara Teasdale and a 3AM walk outside I took in January -
vagueshape 22 hours ago

almost took a page of of John Cage's book for the lols but felt like this had a bit more substance. "There Will be Rest" reads as very quiet, but is such a meaningful poem to me. When I took that walk in January the lines "and above me/stars I shall find" just kept repeating over and over in my mind. It was so serene and quiet and I could see so many stars, I just had to write about that moment.

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manyface 15 hours ago

this is so simple and serene!!! it's lovely!!!

here's our fill for this week's prompt: !!
owlroost 1 day ago

Blackout poetry! That's a brilliant interpretation!

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manyface 1 day ago

thank you!!!!

angelogistics 1 day ago

had a really fun time reading this in my head ^u^ i love how the pauses sort of bubble up very entropically but i think it works incredibly well!!!

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vagueshape 22 hours ago

oh this is amazing! i love the repetition of the word "never" at the end

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manyface 16 hours ago

@angelogistics @vagueshape thank you both!!! it's our first trying blackout poetry, actually... and about something extremely relevant to our lives. it was kind of a miracle that the text we picked up worked so well!!!

getting back at it, finally. Crappy scrappy unstyled sentences up for this week & last, woof
been busy with classes so i hadn't had the chance to write but this one was fun ^_^ space on the page is fun to play with!
owlroost 2 days ago

Love the interpretation of quiet as space!

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Not what I expected to have come to mind for the week, but here's the result!
owlroost 2 days ago

The prompt reminded me of "Hills Like White Elephants" by Ernest Hemingway and how it skirts around what the characters are actually talking about. It's never said outright- left silent.

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i updated the prompt last night, but forgot to post about it! just so you know, here it is: try to make your writing as silent as possible. i know it's a weird prompt-- don't take it too seriously. have fun. what does it mean for writing to be quiet?
hii would you be able to change the link to my muse page? its "" now :>>
tehuan 4 days ago

of course !! will change it now

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