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i really like your sites style! i love the light blue paired with ivory and navy ^^
justfluffingaround 18 hours ago

Ohmygoodness, the pixel bunny club is so cute! I love it. Might have to join in 👀

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solaria 16 hours ago

omg id love another bunny!

solaria 1 day ago

made about page easier to read, ideally i would remake it entirely but i dont have the energy for that atm

gaily-novelry 21 hours ago

Love how all the separate bits have their own aesthetic. <3

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solaria 21 hours ago

thank you ^^

solaria 4 days ago

added link to Vimms lair, site for game console emulators and games! increadibly impressive rescource

Hey solaria, not sure how often you check your email but you should find an email from me in your inbox. 😀
solaria 4 days ago

got it! il check it out soon ^^

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wow your site is so pretty and soothing to look at! your font choice and soft shadows behind the sections are subtle but effective, the purple is lovely too ^^
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whiona 5 days ago

Thank you so much!! :') I have sincerely enjoyed poking around your site and can't wait to explore more of it. Your links page has some excellent resources, so thank you for that! (Also, hooray for space-themed sites :D)

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just found your site so i havent dug too deep yet, but im learning about accessable web design and your reader mode article gave me some helpful things to keep in mind!
owlroost 6 days ago

I'm glad I could help a bit! I have a ton of links and tidbits in another article about accessibility if you'd like some more to think about.

solaria 6 days ago

just read through the article, great resource!

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Ohmygoodness thanks for the follow! I ADORE your site aesthetics so much!
solaria 1 week ago

omg thank you again!! your comment in my guestbook was so sweet i and i love your purple vibe going on i had to follow back!

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