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vencake 1 month ago

I would love to hear your thoughts on Dungeon Meshi after you've finished it. It's one of my newest favorite manga atm

Is there any way to mass delete things on Neocities...
pixelglade 3 months ago

Don't think so. When I had to delete my site to make up a mirror I remember having to manually click through folders to manually delete things.

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yourdevilfriends 3 months ago

You could use something like bashcities or push-to-neocities and edit the settings so the missing files would be deleted from your Neocities account. Bashcities has issues with deleting folders, dunno about push-to-neocities.

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yourdevilfriends 3 months ago

Deploy to Neocities: (I called it the wrong name whoops)

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sakana 3 months ago

@yourdevilfriends: Thank you for calling my attention to these, I sorely needed more functionality from the file manager!

sakana 4 months ago

It seems like I have a lot of cats, but 2 of these are deceased and 2 live with my extended family, Lola is the only one who lives with me!

Every day my soul withers because the absolute maximum internet speed I can get at my place, physically, is 60mbps. Living in Australia is great for everything except this, it's an internet black hole.
sakana 5 months ago

For non-Aussies who don't know the political context: this is a 10+ year long INTENTIONAL sabotage by Rupert Murdoch and the Liberal party to purposefully hamstring internet for Australians because people were starting to stream and read news online instead of buying physical papers, watchin television and buying cable.

arandomsite 5 months ago

praying for you 🙏

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