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i'm so indecisive rn. stamps page or graphics page??? i want to collect those deviantart buttons that isn't just stamps. pixel art is out of the question, but they might go to my about page soon just gonna collect them girly shit.
idk which website i should start... maybe poisonverses that don't need their own pages? since cherryverse and sodaverse are the only ones that understandably have more info on them. popverse can just rely on my toyhouse pages since it's just a library of my fan OCs.
mockguffin 4 months ago

i have no plans starting up the gallery section bc i would need to upload all of my art ;w;

mockguffin 4 months ago

changed the purpose for my last two Poisonverses.

i can't believe i forgot to code so sad
how is everyone doing here :3
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i'm not sure how else can i update this since it's been long overdue but the stamps page will have to wait longer cuz i would need to organize them in folders... even i need something as simple as stamps to be organized. :\
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i was gonna do school stuff but i decided to recollect stamps instead
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