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virtualobserver 3 weeks ago

temporarily closing the comment section on this page for mental health reasons, thanks for understanding! - ayano

sorry for lack of updates and also not responding to emails, we have covid :sob: (we'll be fine we're on the tail end of it now)
YES KAF PLUS U i love this site so muhc
virtualobserver 1 month ago

kaf + u because u use her voice!!! :] TY i promise we're working on adding more things to it <3 lmao -kiki

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virtualobserver 1 month ago

very important bug fix!! please scroll to the "Update log" section for details. if you have the comment widget installed on your site, you really need to update it! extremely sorry for the inconvenience -ayano

virtualobserver 1 month ago

oh, and if you know anyone who is also using the widget, please poke them on the shoulder to update! i can really only spread the news through word of mouth -ayano

kallistero 1 month ago

I think I've solved this problem of getting developer messages out in the future! I'll shoot you an e-mail with a bit of code.

i'm kicking myself because there's another bug in the comment widget, and people who already installed it are going to need to notice something is wrong and come back to reinstall it. i'm sorry this has happened twice, i am just one person and trying to be vigilant and this is my worst nightmare. i'm working on a fix ASAP and i really, really apologize - ayano
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unartur 1 month ago

You are doing great! The wonderful thing about spaces like these is that no one expects perfection. It's all part of the process! Seeing a malfunction, and coming back to you to see it fixed is like getting your wrist watch repaired. The widget is so cool, so don't let those feelings get the better of you. <3

virtualobserver 1 month ago

thank you very much for the kind message unartur ;;!

Thank you so much for making the comment widget! It looks super useful and I'm likely going to implement it on my website soon :D
just wanted to stop by and thank you for making the comment widget! the use of google forms/sheets is ingenious. also - your website is seriously super cool! :3
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virtualobserver 1 month ago

oh, thanks so much! we really need to add more to it but we're glad you like it already haha -ayano

virtualobserver 2 months ago

added a link to our neocities profile to the center bar cause we forgot OOPS -kiki

virtualobserver 2 months ago

made a free to use, fully customizable comment widget for neocities sites! it's fully customizable, please feel free to use it! -ayano

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