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OH! right, update to my complaints about a project needing a mailto link. the professor went on to say that she's using a third party for projects, but that normally all the things i said about it and why i was so pissy to have to use itlmao. (it's outdated, most ppl don't use mail clients/apps installed on their pc/phone, it's not secure bc bots will get the address to spam you, forms are better.) VALIDATION
web programming professor called me a "smart girl" for asking if i could apply different floats to images in my .css file instead of inline in the html for a project. she also said she was "interested in seeing how i'd do that." how do i Tell her
strawberry-gashes 6 days ago

while i love inline manipulation for this purpose it was legit i'm just lazy and thought it'd be easier to do alternating floats this way btw

strawberry-gashes 6 days ago

so y'all know i'm not trying to be pretentious and "i know more than you" or anything i have thus far learned about description lists and, very embarrassingly, it never occurred to me that i could set a list to be inline. dark shame revealed

i have a lot of stuff to catch up on but i'm making dreamwidth communities no one will use instead
lostletters 3 weeks ago

😂😂😂 I feel this so much

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annoyed with my web design class lads. they're forcing me to once again download a third party app for a class, but this time it's for for ONE link. i'm not downloading outlook or thunderbird on my personal pc for this. i'm taking the l if i did the subject code wrong
strawberry-gashes 4 weeks ago

maybe i'm just digging my heels in but i sincerely do not remember the last time i've seen a mailto link or needed to use an email client. imo it's outdated in the face of more convenient and user friendly forms

i'm the only person out of 15 in my web dev class who mentioned having any background in it. also 1/3 women in the class 😭
allyratworld 1 month ago

good luck ;;v;; hope it isn't too painful

goooby 1 month ago


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nekonokuni 1 month ago

I am undergrade in computer science and I am lucky when I have 4 (me included) in a class of 40-50 people, not trying to demotivate you but that's the normal count of women in IT courses. But don't let it bring you down Fight!!(o^-^)尸~''☆ミ☆ミ

nekonokuni 1 month ago

I mean 4 girls *

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it's been a minute since i originally posted it, but i think a lot of nc folks would be interested in how horribly tumblr has handled domains.
antikrist 1 month ago

ugh. ive had a toxic relationship with tumblr since 2010. it's declining fast imo

symliadoo 1 month ago

day by day im happy i picked around now to build my site :/ because this is absolutely ridiculous.

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hebedite 1 month ago

tumblr's recent decisions have reinvigorated my drive to update my neocities site. it breaks my heart to see a place i grew up decay into what it is becoming now.

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i've been feeling so bad i've been working on the same page for two weeks lmao

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