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cinnamuff 1 day ago

Cinnamuff's Galaxy 2.0 is now live!

cinnamuff 1 day ago

Some pages like the gallery pages still use the old layout, and that's because I'm still working on a new layout for them. Also, it's not mobile friendly. Sorry to any mobile and tablet users out there!

nine-moonbeams 1 day ago

idk if this was a mistake or not, but two characters in a row are titled "Kris"

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ninacti0n 1 day ago

Woah, it already looks amazing!! Congrats for managing to get everything to look so tidy and compact! Plus, your aesthetic shines through it even more lol ^^

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cinnamuff 20 hours ago

@nine-moonbeams that is a mistake! ty for pointing it out, I swore I fixed it at one point but I guess not xP

cinnamuff 20 hours ago

@ninacti0n thank you!! ;0;

cinnamuff 2 days ago

Changed the default font for the Cinnaverse subsite! Also added a couple planet pages with some info about them, enjoy the place holder text lolol

It's been about a month since I last talked about the site overhaul, it's still being worked on! After being stumped for weeks on the design I finally had a breakthrough yesterday! \o/
sundered-space 3 days ago

Congrats!! It took me a few tries to finally settle on something! Looking forward to seeing it.

cinnamuff 3 days ago

@sundered-space thank you!! in my case all it took was a few tutorials, some patience, and a design I was determined to recreate haha

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