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Hey, Arkm I see you have a motorcycle... looks like a Dyna... I have a Heritage Softail!
arkmsworld 4 months ago

Nice! Mine's a Kawasaki Vulcan 500. Got it back in 2012 when I was living for awhile in Tennessee. I'd wanted a bike since I was like 12- had to wait till my 40s to get one. :P

arkmsworld 4 months ago

I love living in SoCal. I can ride all year! :D

neo-neighborhoods 4 months ago

We actually suffer a couple of months of winter here in north Mississippi. I don't ride in the cold weather like I used to when I was younger...

arkmsworld 4 months ago

Young? It was 1996 just a couple of years ago wasn't it? I feel like it was, lol. We sort of get winter out here. It gets down into the 40s at night, but we don't get snow or ice-rain. Winter usually starts the rainy season but some years it's pretty dry. I think I've only seen 1 thunderstorm in the 5 years i've been in San Diego. I miss that...and also lightning bugs at night. We don't have any. :(

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arkmsworld 4 months ago

Last time I was down in Miss must have been the early 2000's for Gulf Wars - an SCA event down near Hattiesburg.

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billsworld 4 months ago

1996! wow... I was just 26 years old! seems a lifetime ago to me. I'm a 50/50 biker now.... If it is below 50 degrees or a above a 50% chance of rain I won't ride! lol

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