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feel free to exclude me because i'm not going to follow the prompt list too tightly, my feelings won't be hurt, but ( is where my current year attempt is going :)
murid 8 months ago

These look great! Good to have you on board. Don't worry about the prompt list. It's only a suggestion.

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bikobatanari 8 months ago

here's the link to my inktober gallery: -- hopefully we get through this without crashing and burning ;p

murid 8 months ago

Linked. I've managed to complete Inktober before. Pace yourself and make sure you also do simple illustrations so you don't wear yourself out.

bikobatanari 8 months ago

I'll make sure to keep that in mind!

I'm seriously thinking about doing another Inktober this year. Anybody else want to Neocities Inktober collab or something like that?
mayaland 9 months ago

I'm still arguing with myself about it!

bikobatanari 9 months ago

I may drop out of my daily sketching prompts for the month to do Inktober. Do you plan on doing a list of prompts? I guess it would make sense since the collab would be more cohesive that way.

murid 9 months ago

@biko I was originally thinking on just using the Inktober prompts, but you're right a custom list would make sense for a collab.

bikobatanari 9 months ago

I mean, the official prompts could work too. I mention it because last time I did Inktober I just ignored the prompts/made my own. As long as everyone does the same prompts for the whole month we should be good, just so we can see each other's interpretations.

mirrr 9 months ago

i am not sure what an inktober collab is but it sounds fun, i would love to

murid 9 months ago

@mirrr The easiest way for a collab is for everyone to use the same prompt list, and each of us have an inktober page that others can link to. Kind of like a mini webring.

murid 9 months ago I have my page and the prompts up. Drop me a link and I'll link to your pages.

sauerbaker 9 months ago

I like Bone Witch a lot. The hatching is really satisfying.

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your photography is really beautiful :)
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murid 9 months ago

Thanks. But it's a bit weird to hear that since my photography section feels really neglected. I really need to continue with the long needed overhaul.

linkyblog 9 months ago

I love your website layout, and your art so much!! It's truly wonderful!

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bikobatanari 9 months ago

relating to fast art, there was an article I read earlier in the year about IG engagement and it was absolutely wretched: -- honestly makes me glad I'm not there anymore.

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murid 9 months ago

@linkyblog Thanks for the compliments.

murid 9 months ago

@biko I'm seeing so many people suffering and burning out from the need to manage social media and shill NFTs. It's not healthy and we really need alternative spaces for art.

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