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i,m gonna kill myself on friday #woah #wow
joppiesaus 1 day ago

Please don't kill yourself! We can still play Portal 2 together! ♥☻

gosit 1 day ago

Don't do it, it's an idiot idea.

signalsolonset 1 day ago

People die when they are killed, don't do it!

Soon I will repair the site, the teacher will bog off in about a month
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here we go yo here we go yo so whats so whats so whats that scenario
time after time i log in thinking i will repair my site, but then i forget about it
The song is "All You Are Going To Want To Do Is Get Back There" by The Caretaker. Sorry for late reply, hope you'll see
ideologue 2 weeks ago

clutch dude thanks!! no worries, i've found i've been sinking personal time into neocities quite a bit recently actually...

ur amazing. also. on memories.html, what song is playin?
btw i had to remove half the shit off my site because we're studying html in school atm and i just dont feel like doing this bullshit homework so i just told my teacher i already got a site and shown this tho i had to hide the gold like the hitler page but its only hidden not deleted r8
owlman 1 month ago


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