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btw i had to remove half the shit off my site because we're studying html in school atm and i just dont feel like doing this bullshit homework so i just told my teacher i already got a site and shown this tho i had to hide the gold like the hitler page but its only hidden not deleted r8
owlman 21 hours ago


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Damn. my site's full of missing images, it's more than I thought! Gotta fix that, the site is not dead. Although it appears so.
signalsolonset 3 days ago

Your shelves got a little too dusty, eh?

Anime aside, a few of your pages have broken images on em. Shrine page, About page, and Memories. "Failed to load resource: net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE" Is that just me?
strata 6 days ago

Same here. Some links are dead while the https cert has run out.

shelfdust 3 days ago

Gotta fix that one day, ty

post your nickname here if you got anime content on your site i wanna unsub
anthonynaber 6 days ago

You mean.... unfollow? c:

hosma 6 days ago

momomelo, hobbledehoy899, valdrin, themikecave, cop-dank15, wielant, 413neet, jox, melonking, waporvave, kanaalstraat and garett :/\)

signalsolonset 5 days ago

Anime is great. "Kobayashi-san Chi no Maidragon" is my favorite show this season. Where my anime squad at??!

im a nigga shes a nigga we sum niggaz wouldnt you like to be a nigga toooooo
strata 2 weeks ago

yes i would.

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shitburger a burger with SHIT
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Memento mori was updated.
3 weeks ago
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joppiesaus 3 weeks ago

rest in rip shelfdusts feelings. gone with the dust but not forgetted

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