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Lovely site! I like how busy it looks with the vintage ads banners and all those MSN graphics. What a nostalgia trip! I miss those days <3
the dopest website on the world istg
Love this design!
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empeethree 1 year ago

I'm glad somebody enjoys it. It's been quite a while since any major updates were made to this site.

how old is that iPod bc istg its not working--- I just wanna listen to some tunes
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Awesome site!! Really inspired by "about" pages :)
i love your page! i added your button to my site! ^^
I love your page a lot. Just thought you might want to know!
Your website is super cute! ♥
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afterskool 2 years ago

THX :))) right back at you... <3

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Don't mind me, I'm just coming to say that I love you and your website (and might be a little obsessed :P). Your aesthetics are so on point, and it's so nice to see another 30-something on here! Hehe ♥
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fairytrash 2 years ago

♥♥!! your website is amazing, too! such a step back in time. i love it.

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bmh 2 years ago

Good luck with your locker project... I once dismantled two identical old computer cases and stitched them together with 'liquid metal filler' to make one massive one... sanding and painting... it kind of worked!

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sweethard666 2 years ago

@bmh ahh thank you! and that project sounds awesome! I'm particularly keen to paint these lockers, put stickers and magnets all over them, and photos inside the door, just how they look on American TV :P

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