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Love your site, I added your button to mine! :D
Lovely site! I like how busy it looks with the vintage ads banners and all those MSN graphics. What a nostalgia trip! I miss those days <3
the dopest website on the world istg
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Love this design!
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empeethree 2 years ago

I'm glad somebody enjoys it. It's been quite a while since any major updates were made to this site.

how old is that iPod bc istg its not working--- I just wanna listen to some tunes
Awesome site!! Really inspired by "about" pages :)
i love your page! i added your button to my site! ^^
I love your page a lot. Just thought you might want to know!
Your website is super cute! ♥
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afterskool 2 years ago

THX :))) right back at you... <3

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Don't mind me, I'm just coming to say that I love you and your website (and might be a little obsessed :P). Your aesthetics are so on point, and it's so nice to see another 30-something on here! Hehe ♥
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fairytrash 2 years ago

♥♥!! your website is amazing, too! such a step back in time. i love it.

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