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Just wanted to say thank you for your VSCode resource, it's going to save me a lot of trouble in the future! <3
Your art is fantastic! I love that this site is stuffed to the gills with stuff you've made :>
omg i didn't realize you had a neocities too!! :D i LOVE your colour theme so much it looks so good!!!
Excited to read you're working on an 11ty version of your site. Staying tuned 🤓
lostletters 8 months ago

more ssg peeps! woohoo :D

whiona 8 months ago

The club growsss :D

Hi Bencho! I've come to inform you that Splatnet (The webring) has recieved a update, please update your widget!
bechnokid 8 months ago

Sorry for the late reply, thank you for the update!!

Hey there! I found your freezeframe tutorial, mind if I link it in my Web accessibility guide? I think it's pretty useful!
bechnokid 10 months ago

I don't mind at all!! I'm really glad you find it useful!

hey Bechno!! wanted to pop in and say thank u for your patience with how long it took me to add ur CD to CDwORLD, i was totally swamped argh! your CD totally rocks, its such a great version of the cover <3
Wow!! 200k views!! Thank you, everyone!
blissnet 12 months ago

Yo, that's cool you got to design mystery skulls shirts, its kind of bummed that Louis didn't win, he's such a sweet boy! Typeography (or whatever you call it when you have draw letters) is a pain for me as well, but that could be my dyslexia actin' up. Also its cool to see another peep who likes Takoyaki, very rare to find another homie with a taste for Tako! Your site looks like its coming along great btw!

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i just read your blog post on your asexuality, and i want you to know that i totally support you. i'm bi with a bit of a preference towards masc people, so i do understand feeling like an outcast in your own community. you have my sympathies for going through that <3
bechnokid 1 year ago

Thank you, Dizzy! ;; You have my support, too! I know a lot of bi people have their issues, too, so please know that I support all of you! :D

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