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s2g we arent dead yet... been chipping away at things more v_v
aaah also holy shit thank u all so much for 170k hits!!!! i feel bad i missed such a big milestone (i like the number 17 a lot so thats what id been going with for my hitcount msgs), but hopefully ill have more time to work on my site now!!
hey, just puttin out a thing to let ppl know im not dead yet! site updates been on the backburner a lil lately, hoping to finish it up soon enough >~<
OMG thank you for the follow!! also i'm obsessed with your domain name, it's beautiful, amazingly well done
pseudocinnabar 9 months ago

thanx!! its one of a couple aesthetic words i tend to go back to for naming stuff but i just like the kinda image it forms in my head

yo im super late to this but thank u everyone for 136k hits!! i feel a little silly for having not even removed the last msg since the last time i updated x~x
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thx for the follow!! i like ur style switcher, i gotta get back to work on mine lol
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swiftyshq 12 months ago

thank you ^_^ styleswitchers can be tricky!!

sorry about my absence lately, i finally got motivated to do some more major stuff to the site and ive been working on it offline. not sure when itll be done but im hoping i can keep up the inertia to work on it :]
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in a very cool "cant figure out how to work on things" phase v_v

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