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Golly I've been getting so many new followers in the last week or two! IDK what I did but hello and thank you! :3
your animations are impressive! your art in general has a nice soft textured quality ^^ also your list of art mediums you want to try is very relatable, i also want to get into so many different kinds of crafts (wood working, stained glass, pottery, metal working for jewlry, etc)
time-travelling-birb 2 weeks ago

Oh my goodness thank you so much! Also, gosh, I followed you ages ago but somehow missed your button! Gotta get on that right away lol

solaria 2 weeks ago

no worries!!! its possible if you followed me early enough i hadn't made button ^^

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Hey, would you happen to have a button I can use to link you? Your site is so cool!
indigotrance 3 weeks ago

I do not. I've never made one before. How do I set that up?

time-travelling-birb 3 weeks ago

Just make an image or GIF badge that's 88x31 and put it somewhere on your site for people to grab :3

I love your site. Not sure what to call the look but it's fun to look at!
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time-travelling-birb 3 weeks ago

Thanks! I dunno what to call it either X3

Amused that I just noticed the view count on my site here has surpassed the pageviews of my 15-year-old deviantART account that I more or less don't use anymore X3
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