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hello everynyan,, ive finally got the balls to open an etsy shop ( ) to sell my little crafts i make >__< feel free 2 check it out if ur passing by this post!
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how come you always have overflow-y turned off? i can't see half your site on any device
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feign 2 weeks ago

great question! answer: i dont know what im doing ever. i so sorry

feign 2 weeks ago

uhm anyways im going to fix my margins and such ...soon. my brackets is broken and i hate any other code editor so im stuck

feign 2 weeks ago

actual answer: i dont like the bottom scrollbar so i just turn it off.. usually zooming out allows you to see the entire page though o__O!

coffeebug 2 weeks ago

ah, it looks so pretty

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ty for all the pop up follows l8ly i rly want to work on my site RN but im stuck at this STUPID JOB!!!
feign 2 weeks ago

i didnt mean to delete the "stinkin dead end job" comment im so stupid

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