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what even happened to this
anonicus 3 hours ago

Basically looks like a hobbyist website in which the truth was trying to make it a radical political movement instead. They got mad that people didn't get it because the people were "Hobbyist website go brrrr" and finally ended up being blunt about it. Which caused things to finally shut down. To this day at various places, Yesterweb ended up being a laughing stock cause of it.

This place went way downhill, and fast. I used to love the community. it used to be a place where, while political discussion happened, and leftism was de facto the ideology at play, didnt have the aim of being in and of itself political or revolutionary. it shouldve stayed that way. hope everyone's doing well. O7
bytemoth 5 months ago

I look at it this way: since they've dropped the nostalgia/hobbyism focus, continuing to exist as 'Yesterweb' is useless/confusing. In hindsight, this probably should've happened a year ago when the mission of the staff (foster mass societal change, apparently?) started to diverge from that of the users (assist with website creation and socmed deprogramming)

purplehello98 2 months ago

I do rather agree. After hobbyism wasn't the focus as much anymore, it seemed like it lost its way.

toxoplasicity 5 months ago

it was fun while it lasted!

thekelpcafe 5 months ago

quite a shame to see it go, but very understandable

Guestbook broken.
Hey there! We received your manifesto submission but the link you provided doesn't work. I can see it on your page but I'm not sure how to link to it. You provided this link: but it doesn't take me anywhere :( Do you have a different link we could use?
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shadowfae 8 months ago This should work! Neocities put through an update that removed the .html ending from the web address, and broke all my iframe hyperlinking like three days after I submitted. >.>; In the case that doesn't work either, just will work, and I can reformat it onto its own page completely. ^^; Thanks!

yesterweb 8 months ago

The first link you provided works! Thank you! I think your manifesto is really well-written and it would be a shame to leave it out, so I'll get to adding it now!

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shadowfae 8 months ago

Thank you so, so much - it needed to be written, and I'm glad you guys liked it! <3

yesterweb 8 months ago

Added "Manifesto for a New Web", derived from the practical experiences of the Yesterweb staff. I also updated the list of others' manifestos. If you submitted but you don't see yours, it may have fallen through the cracks! Feel free to submit again using the "submit your own" link on the page.


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