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absolutely baffled by f+f's response to my comment... "we personally think our attitude and the way we reply to anyone shouldn't we something to consider if you truly want to help others"???? this is a project about community and uplifting others, of COURSE your attitude matters! just proves that its about views and numbers, not about treating others with kindness and respect. what a dissapointment
hillhouse 1 day ago

went to look at the drama and i think it's so funny that they replied to u with that + also said "if someone is doing a charity, would you not give your donations just because you don't like the attitude of the person who is leading it, even if they get the job done?". like bestie you're a website that lists other websites it is NOT that deep???

leizy8499 1 day ago

i think your comment on f+f’s site is the most articulate and covers the issues the majority of people are facing instead of just “boohoo i lost a follower”

sizztuna 1 day ago

There's such a weird hostility that's developed. And like of course their attitude matters, it is a major contributor to the tone of the entire project? I dunno, I just wish more people (federi included) would take a breath for moment and try to be more understanding of everybody else's perspectives. (<- entirely not cut out for drama like this)

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hillhouse 1 day ago

ahhh into the woods my beloved!!! that sounds wonderful<3

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updated my button slightly (added a border) so if u have my button on your site and arent hotlinking please update it! (also i'm fine with you hotlinking it lol i dont care)
chimeramanticore 6 days ago

saw this right after updating my page to include your button (and i've hotlinked, evilly)

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leizy8499 1 week ago

i VERY much approve your song of the week

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