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your page is looking super good so far by the way!!! i cant wait to see more from you. keep it up! 頑張ってミクさん!
having a really hard fucking time trying to code without getting a 403 error
mikufan3939 2 days ago

i don't know if it's a me problem or a neocities problem but this is getting fucking frustrating

kanto 6 hours ago

its not just you. im having the same issue, and my girlfriend had the same too. im not too sure whats causing it because its literally only just one page but im sure itll be fixed.......

kanto 6 hours ago


i got a 403 on something i was working on so that's really fucking cool and epic and awesome. none of the methods i tried work so i'll just hope it goes away by tomorrow otherwise i'll just make a new html which i really don't want to fucking do but how else is my blog going to get done
mikufan3939 3 days ago

my partner said the same thing is happening to him so if this is just another neocities problem i will be really frustrated

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