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i am in love with how your site looks so far. niigo are one of my sekai oshis so i'm very excited to see where this goes
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nightchord 2 days ago

thank you so much !! i've actually been a really big fan of your site for a while, it's actually what inspired me to make this website. thank you so much ^_^

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mikufan3939 1 day ago

aaaaa i'm really happy to hear that :))) wishing you luck in finishing your site salute emoji

i accidentally deleted my call for miku fanlistings (oops) but i've found a miku fanlisting via yet unfortunately the site no longer seems to be up. should i make one? i'm not entirely sure if i should but if people are interested i'm happy to make one
mikufan3939 5 days ago

i've searched tfl (+ anime fanlistings network for good measure) to no avail so far but if there's an active miku fanlisting PLEASE reply with it i've wanted to join a miku fanlisting since i've joined neocities

isntreal 2 days ago

i havent looked into it but i would join so fast if u made one :O

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ikaroll 2 days ago

if you make one, i can help! i run several so i'm familiar with how running them work

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mikufan3939 1 day ago

aaa thank you @isntreal, i'm considering it a lot more now. @ikaroll do you have an email/discord i can contact?

Alright if anyone is moving to nekoweb respond here so i can change the url on my "sites i like" page when the time comes
Ok. i think the landing page looks decent
new blog post thumbs up. i missed my anniversary like an idiot but i'm getting stuff done i swear
New blog update. short but if you read it it's understandable
regular layout and playlist is back up :) thanks for your patience
birthday twin, cool blog! hope to see more updates :3
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mikufan3939 1 month ago

thank you! trying my best to finish what i do have

after literally a year of promising this, i'm finally starting my cat photo archive
i'm considering being a lot more lazy with my actual Design for an easier process of getting the content i want out on my site. of course i'll definitely revise it later but it's a lot easier to put my stuff on my site when i don't have to plan how it looks first
mikufan3939 1 month ago

simple web design is convenient but getting creative with it is a lot harder. when i figure it out i'll fix all the barren and undesigned stuff lol

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