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The page about my cats is done! We found the adoption papers for Millie and Sophie, so I added the adoption information about them. I also updated the no-SSL mirror, which is at for old browsers.
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Going to update the frontpage, and then after that, I've got a page planned that details my two cats.
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marshmellosucks 3 days ago

Also need to find a better fall background, this current one blends into the page too much

I feel like I should update something on my site, but what exactly do I update?
marshmellosucks 4 days ago

Really need to rewrite the page on making a DIY radio station but I doubt I'll ever get around to that

Well I'll be damned if I didn't miss my site's anniversary again, I guess this page is 3 years (and 1 month 11 days) old now
The MillieCam lives again! Swapped the hardware back to a Raspberry Pi that should hopefully not refuse to detect the webcam every couple of days.
is there a way i can put your wave radio in my website?

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