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dollarchive 3 days ago

mostly compendium links but i did add a pixel blinded sphinx hawkmoth, which is the coolest name of any creature

dollarchive 1 week ago

added a new bg to marginalia section on bestiary page. unsure if it looks good? let me know what you think?

manulzone 4 days ago

i think the new bg looks good, interesting, and fantastical, but I also think that the contrast between the pixels and the bg are much lower now

when i figure out how to format links specifying iframe contents i will be unstoppable
magic-boots 2 weeks ago

Like how to set a link to open in a specific iframe?

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dollarchive 1 week ago

@magic-boots- like how you can link to a section within a page with #section in the url. but for opening specific pages within the iframe on the page. via link

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