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1 week ago
lostletters 1 week ago

I loved learning about bootstrap and the history of flexboxes in your post, and it's awesome that you're working so diligently to grow your skills. I didn't realize how ubiquitous flex boxes were until my partner, a pro web dev, was like how did you make a layout without one ??? lol I had never heard of them until last year when I started my site since the last time I wrote code was in ~2012. XD

nenrikido 1 week ago

i used tools that were built off of flexbox (like bootstrap grid) but it was so mysterious to me until i finally just sucked it up and learned. so much of css (like grids & variables) still feel so newfangled to me...the world has changed a lot since 2012!!

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NENRIKIDO was updated.
2 weeks ago
22yk01 2 weeks ago

you're so right you put my thoughts into words

vencake 2 weeks ago

I resonate with this a lot. The one good thing is there actually is a lot of people who feel the same way - we're just overshadowed by loud ones who hold faux nostalgia and act like this is twitter.

soulbyte 2 weeks ago

really well said!

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nenrikido 2 weeks ago

thanks for the feedback, i'm glad to see i am not alone in some of these concerns! hopefully there is a culture shift around here soon 6_6

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froot-bat 1 week ago

this is a very insightful post, and you're totally right on a lot of these points. i was actually really overwhelmed by some of the intense tribalism happening on some of these accounts and it scared me a away from neocities for a bit. happy to know there are other sane people out there that recognize that this is supposed to be fun!

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neocities preview seems determined to show only the least relevant updates so i am taking matters into my own hands!
The Windows 98 icon viewer was awesome! I might add more Windows 3.1/9x era icons to my site over time.
update preview is not showing what i'd like it to! anyways, there are a few new links (there's a library now!) and a new blog post. try clearing your cache (ctrl f5) if anything looks weird.

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