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Guys please for the love of god just look for sites that are for filehosting. 🙏 Here's one to start you off:
queenofarms 7 hours ago

Like idk why you'd host your files on discord in the first place. What if your server got deleted? Please it'll be better in the long run to look for filehosting sites that allow hotlinking instead.

foolsparadise 7 hours ago

its outrageously simple and most people make servers of their own (which wouldnt get deleted) thats what i did. it was very convenient.

Time to look at peoples sites. 🙂
Added a small about me. It includes an FAQ and a list of socials I'm on. Hopefully this'll be the last update in a while, I only really updated this now since I felt this was needed.
Say hi to Gene everyone.
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Added another status update. Currently working on a post idea for my new site. As well as refining the script I mentioned in todays status.
queenofarms 1 month ago

To clarify by new site I'm reffering to the site I've been working on for a while. Not the current placeholder you're seeing right now.

Quick update that includes a link to my mastodon. Forgot to add that lol.

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