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oh my goodness, i didn't get a notification on the button you made for my site, tsym for making that, it's very cute!!! i love the little animation you did with the text, and the shadow you added helps make the graphic look so eyecatching!!! ^^ i'm not too sure how to do the whole affiliates thing, but now that i have a button maybe i'll make a quick page for it lol. thanks again!!
Heylo! Replying to your comment. ^^ Thank you! And oh no! I'm sorry. D: Yeah, this is my first plant so... I hope I don't end up killing it. ;w;
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holeinmyheart 1 month ago

dark thoughts, pretty diary - the perfect balance

zanarkand 4 weeks ago

LOL that's what i thought when i finished ԅ(‾⌣‾ԅ)

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I couldn't reply to your comment on my page so I just wanted to pop over and say DUDE The Descent is so awesome right?!? Also thank you so so much!! Your page also seriously rocks!!!
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zanarkand 1 month ago

IT IS. honestly i could watch it countless of times without any bother!!! also thank you v much! i would love to see more featured films! keep up the amazing work!!!

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